New GTA IV trailer announced

Grand Theft Auto fans, get ready for another countdown. Publisher Rockstar Games today announced that the next trailer for GTA IV - titled "Looking For That Special Someone" - will hit later this month, doubtless causing the internet to explode once again in a flurry of analysis, speculationand frame-by-frame dissection. Given how fleeting ourfirst look at the game was, we're hoping for something a little meatier this time, although the only hints Rockstar has given usare the trailer's title and this image:

Above: Until we hear different, we're calling thiscop "Officer Tenpenkovic"

The trailer is set for a June 28 release, so bookmarkthis pageand get ready to start obsessively hitting the reload button in a little less than three weeks' time. Or just keep it here, as we'll have the footage posted for your consumption the second we get our hands on it.

June 11, 2007

Mikel Reparaz
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