Netflix Party: the web extension that lets you stream shows with friends while self-isolating

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As cinemas across the world cease to operate, movie fans are somewhat at a loss. How can you replicate that feeling of watching a movie with hundreds of strangers when everyone is (rightly) self isolating? Well, now you can, with a web extension called Netflix Party.

Basically, the web extension – that currently only works with Chrome – allows you to watch a Netflix show with a live group chat alongside it. You simply instal the extension, start up Netflix, choose a show, and invite other people to join your party. From there, all they have to do is click a URL and they can watch along with you, with the other person's stream being in sync with the party originator. 

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Netflix Party first gained attention after Refinery29 initially wrote about the web extension. "Waiting up for friends to make their tea, or finish up a call, so we can all sync up and watch together adds a sense of community that we’re all missing right now, even after just a few days," one user told the publication. "It’s comforting to feel that your boys are right there with you, alone, also."

So, what should you and your friends be watching on Netflix? Well, we have a few suggestions. Here are the best movies on Netflix, best shows on Netflix, and best documentaries on Netflix. Now, get your Netflix Party going and get streaming!

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