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Need for Speed Rivals announced with teaser trailer

Need for Speed Rivals is the next racer in Electronic Art's longrunning franchise. The conflict between cops and racers--not just to outrun each other but to win the hearts of minds of the population--is at the core of Ghost Games' first unveiled project.

Confirmed: irresponsibly fast driving, Ferrari F12berlinettas, Koenigsegg Ageras, "in-engine footage," and it isn't PSP exclusive Need for Speed Underground Rivals. Not confirmed: more than two cars.

Fortunately, Need for Speed Rivals' website offers a bit more holistic look at the game. Of particularly note are the opposing cops and racers, whom players can switch between at any time. Both sides have their own upgrades for speed and maneuverability, on top of side-specific capture or evasion tools. It's all running on Battlefield 4's engine, Frostbite 3.

"All-Drive" blends single-player with multiplayer by seamlessly combining you and other friends' worlds mid-pursuit without lobbies or discrete matchmaking. No mention of how it interacts with the faction system, but if you happen to be a cop and your friend happens to be a racer at the time, well, that would certainly make both your lives more interesting.

Need for Speed Rivals is coming to PS4 and Xbox One "later this year," as well as PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on November 19. A full reveal is planned at E3 in June.

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