NBA Street Homecourt - hands-on

The added "trick remixer," for example, enables you to create your own unique court style... using just a single button. Tap it for a quick dribble, press it for a basic crossover or hold it for a fancier spin move. Throw in an optional modifier button and the ball is flying behind your player's back, between his legs, over his shoulder and - of course - off the opposing guard's unsuspecting head. In Homecourt, all this isn't one long, canned animation - it's a customized performance that you pull together on the fly.

Dunking is spectacularly unbelievable as always, with athletes mocking gravity through their 15-foot leaps and putting circus performers to shame through their electrifying mid-air acrobatics. But it's more involved this time, too. Hitting the "dunk" button now launches you into a minigame where your timing determines how the stunt will play out. Hold it for exactly the right amount of time and you can actually execute an extravagant "double dunk" that not only looks ridiculously cool, but nets you two points instead of one. Keep it down for a fraction too long, however, and your guy will miss the net completely and usually find himself hanging from the rim by his leg or hitting the pavement flat on his face. Embarrassing and painful.