Natalie Portman to play Snow White?

Snow White

Natalie Portman obviously enjoyed eliciting chills with creepy dark thriller Black Swan , as she’s reportedly interested in taking on a new horror adap of fairytale Snow White.

Pajiba report that an "edgy", adult version of the popular yarn is currently being developed, with Brett Ratner producing Brothers Grimm: Snow White .

Clearly somebody’s just watched 1997’s Snow White: A Tale Of Terror (above) for the first time and thinks it’s ripe for a remake.

Delicatessen and Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet is apparently interested in directing (it would be his first horror since icky ET gore-dripper Alien Resurrection in 1997), while Portman has “some interest in playing the ‘edgy’ Snow White”.

Could this be the first in a proposed series of (ahem) horrific fairytale updates? The Brothers Grimm tag seems to imply it, so if Snow White gets off the ground and does well, expect Red Riding Hood and the Pied Piper to follow suit.

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