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Nanostray review

A space shooter that still listens to the classic rock station


  • The graphics
  • Lightning's secondary fire mode
  • The music


  • Some weapons break difficulty
  • Not very long
  • Selecting weapons with thumbs

You know how Forrest Gump's momma told him, "Life's like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get"? She never played Nanostray. This old-school 2D shooter shows you its goods right there on the front of the box. Spaceship. Laser beams. Explosions. Any questions?

This isn't a complaint; it's simply a statement of fact. Nanostray knows what it wants to be, and it goes for it. It looks hot, with 3D ships that gracefully spit hot plasma around each of eight 2D battlefields until they're lanced into a fireball by one of your four primary weapons: basic blue lasers, yellow lightning lasers, guided pink lasers, and sideways green lasers. Each weapon also has a secondary fire mode (usually a bigger blast) powered by an energy meter, and you have a few mega bombs to really dish out the paincake - which you'll need because Nanostray has giant boss mecha-monsters to blow up at the end of each stage. It's Shoot 'Em-Ups 101.

More Info

DescriptionNothing new, but if you dig explosive, old fashioned space blasting is what you want, you'll find yourself aching for more.
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date19 July 2005 (US), (UK)