Mr. Terrific goes to Ranagar in Strange Adventures #4 first look

(Image credit: DC/Black Label)

Mr. Terrific's investigation into Adam Strange takes him to the hero's second home, Rann. The hero's first meeting with a Rannian - Alenna, wife of Strange - didn't go so well (as readers of this week's Strange Adventures #3 (opens in new tab) can attest); maybe it'll fare better here.

Then again, maybe not.

In this unlettered first look at pages from Strange Adventures #4, Mr. Terrific goes to Rann - while Strange goes to heroes like Green Lantern and Superman for support and guidance.

"Welcome to planet Rann, Mr. Terrific! Earth's champion of fair play has traveled halfway across the galaxy to investigate firsthand the crimes Adam Strange stands accused of," reads DC's description of the August 4 issue. "He's not going to find many friendly witnesses, though, as the people of Rann consider Adam Strange their true champion. Yet for all the resistance Mister Terrific faces on the surface of Rann, his true opposition may be lurking closer to his subject than he realizes."

As the two storylines begin to intermesh, so does the storylines' artists Mitch Gerads and Evan "Doc" Shaner. As you can see from this unlettered first page, The war/adventure segment by Shaner is followed up on the same page with Mr. Terrific's voyage to Rann.

And on the next page, Shaner's adventure portion lands on Earth - just in time for a beer between Strange and Earth's primary Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. (And check out that cameo of writer Tom King as the bartender!)

Strange Adventures #4 is due out August 4.

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