MotorStorm 2

And these new trucks are heavy. Monstrously heavy. The new monster trucks are big-wheeled behemoths capable of running over anything that gets in their way, including rival racers. “MotorStorm is about brutality,” enthuses Kershaw. “We’ve always called it ‘brutal off-road racing’, and the monster truck is now the true embodiment of that brutality. There is nothing to stop you crushing everyone else apart from some pretty impressive AI and worlds that offer advantages to all vehicle classes.”

Interestingly, Evolution is placing more emphasis on personality for this sequel. Custom monster trucks could be on the cards, as could more detailed driver animation and reactions. We’re told that if a fallen driver is about to be smudged into the dirt, they’ll respond in a number of ways- sprinting out the way, jumping up and over the oncoming vehicle, or staying put, caught in the glare of the oncoming shine of chrome.

As well as being promised faster load times, more players per race and a greater variety of terrain, we were also told by Evolution that in addition to all of that, MotorStorm 2 will feature four-player split screen. There are also plans to support Home and offer a unique custom race mode for online play. Topping off the new ideas and content is a tweaked graphics engine. MotorStorm 2 has the double-barrelled shot of a slick graphics engine and a beautiful island paradise to use its power on. The jungle looks wet and leafy, tree trunks splinter with a satisfying crunch and the mud, sand and snow of the island’s tracks spray with a heart-thumping realism. MotorStorm 2 has variety, colour and detail and no orangey brown mud, thank god.

The original MotorStorm had some novel ideas, but this sequel promises to extend the franchise significantly, both online and off. There’s a wealth of features yet to be divulged, however our hopes of Jet Skis were dashed… “There are many of us here who fondly remember Wave Race, but this isn’t that game,” Kershaw explains. ”There aren’t any Jet Skis, and nor are there any space hoppers.” We’ll be keeping a close eye on MotorStorm 2 throughout the summer. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to get messy.

May 5, 2008