MotoGP 2006

Are four wheels slowing you down? Is travelling at 170mph in Project Gotham Racing 3 just not fast enough? Are you after a different kind of rush?

Well, you can finally stop looking, because MotoGP is back, roaring with speed and energy and all set to offer possibly the fastest racing experience ever seen on a console. We mean it.

See, the thing about motorbikes (especially the GP variety) is that they're very, very quick indeed - but speed has always been a fairly tricky thing to replicate in games, generally coming at the expense of solid gameplay.

Too fast and things become unplayable due to lack of control; too slow and the sense of realism is lost, something not greatly appreciated when you've just sat down to some high octane extreme biking.

Fortunately, it's in this area that MotoGP excels, running in high definition at a lightning quick 60fps. The sheer pace will really have you panicking on your first couple of attempts as you career down the track at near 200mph - but the crisp graphics make this a more controlled, enjoyable experience and the sense of speed is, quite simply, amazing.