Monster 4x4 World Circuit - hands-on

If you're looking for even the slightest bit of realism in your Wii racing, you should check out publisher Ubisoft's other launch game, GT Pro Series. For those who couldn't give a rip what kind of tires are smearing through layers of dirt and mud, there's Monster 4x4 World Circuit - and just like its sports car cousin, this one comes with a free plastic wheel attachment for the Wii remote.

Everything about Monster is designed for the widest possible audience. Pick your oversized ride (including giant school buses and souped-up police cars), jam down on the gas and roar through such fine locales as a dirt track, a construction site and a deep canyon road. The remote is used to steer your car, each with its own sense of weight and turning ability. As cool as plowing a bus through three other monster trucks is, it's a pain to keep on the road due to its immense size - on the other hand, you've only got to worry about steering, gas and turbo- boosting tricks, so you can easily focus in on getting across the finish line.

Wait - tricks? Yeah, somehow, these motorized behemoths can bust out flips and spins while rocketing through the sky. First, you shake the wheel/remote forward to boost. Then, while in the air, make a circle-shaped gesture (like you're holding two tiny skis, maybe?) and your big rig will flip end over end, touching down for another boost of speed. Then you can ram into flaming barrels and send them flying into other drivers. Just like in real life.