Molyneux vs Molyneux

“[Fable] is going to be the best game ever.”

Peter Molyneux, 2003

“Children, your own children, are significant, very much so. But that’s all I’ll say about that for now.”

Peter Molyneux 2003

“Ah yes, the Force Push. It’s one of the first spells we designed actually, and one of the best.

Peter Molyneux, 2003Responding when asked if it will really be possible to push an opponent’s skeleton right out of their body.

“Everything I have said about Fable is absolutely true. Yes you can get married, yes you will have children, but the whole thing must follow the main story. It’s an RPG.”
Peter Molyneux 2003

Useless Fact: The first Fable was called Project Ego during the early stages of development.

“In Fable we didn't really spend enough time on the story.”

Peter Molyneux, 2006

“If I have mentioned any feature in the past which, for whatever reason, didn't make it as I described into Fable, I apologize. Every feature I have ever talked about WAS in development, but not all made it. Often the reason is that the feature did not make sense. For example, three years ago I talked about trees growing as time past. The team did code this but it took so much processor time (15%) that the feature was not worth leaving in. That 15 % was much better spent on effects and combat. So nothing I said was groundless hype, but people expecting specific features which couldn't be included were of course disappointed. If that's you, I apologize. All I can say is that Fable is the best game we could possibly make, and that people really seem to love it.”

Peter Molyneux, 2007

"I think the first mistake with Fable 1 was that I really mistook the idea of game features as goodness. I just stuffed it full of game features and didn’t think about the mechanics of those features or how to explain them to people or how to exploit them in the story. I can remember going into meetings three months before the game was on the shelves and saying, 'I’ve just had this brilliant idea, why don’t we do this?' That was just insane, man."
Peter Molyneux, 2010