Modus Games' next-gen horror game In Sound Mind gets new story trailer

Modus Games has released a new teaser trailer for In Sound Mind, its psychological horror game launching next year on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. There's also a free demo available via Steam that lets you experience the first part of the game.

The latest trailer sees the protagonist explore a few distinct locales while distressing audio tapes play in the background. The intensity ramps up until we're introduced to some of the nightmarish monsters you'll encounter playing In Sound Mind. You'll find levitating specters, shapeshifting sludge, and alien-like beasts charging your way.

In Sound Mind is being developed by indie studio We Create Stuff, best known for the popular Half-Life 2 mod Nightmare House 2. Publisher Modus Games describes In Sound Mind as "a first-person horror experience which pits players against the unpredictable dangers stirring within memories." 

In this highly intriguing first-person horror puzzler, you assume the life of a small-town psychologist named Desmond navigating mysterious happenings occurring in Milton Haven. The story is structured around tapes from sessions with Desmond's deceased patients, which you'll review for clues about what might be happening in the usually-quiet town. There are sentient mannequins, big boss fights, and even a pettable companion cat.

While we wait for the game's release, the free demo gives you access to the first tape, a portion of which you can hear in the above trailer.

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Jordan Gerblick

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