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Miyamoto clears up all those important Mario myths

Did you know that Super Mario Bros. 3 was all a theatrical production? Shigeru Miyamoto himself confirmed the longstanding conspiracy theory in a new "Mario Myths" video, which was posted in honor of Super Mario Bros.' 30th anniversary.

In retrospect, it all seems so obvious: the curtain-raising intro, the bolted-on platforms casting shadows from the harsh stage lights. Don't feel bad if you didn't realize before now - it's not like any of the Mario games before or since had such a subtle but pervasive meta-narrative… unless we just haven't caught on yet.

Elsewhere in the video, Miyamoto also finally reveals the identity of Bowser Jr.'s mother (him) and confirms that, while he didn't contribute any of Super Mario Maker's 100 pre-built stages, he does plan to upload some of his own once it releases on Friday.

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Connor Sheridan
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