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Missed the Week of Hate? Read every rage-filled story right here!

GamesRadar's third annual Week of Hate is now officially over.

After seven days and nearly 200 hours of non-stop spite, we're exhausted. Our angrily clenched fists can shake no more. Our sneer-curled lips can mock and judge no longer. Like children throwing a temper tantrum, we've worn ourselves out… we don't even remember what we were so upset about in the first place.

But that doesn't mean the rage has to end for you. Missed any of our hateful features this week? They're all collected below. Got a rant you're dying to share? The comments below are the place to do so. Until 2011…

The Top 7... Things gamers love to hate
The gaming trends we all love to constantly complain about

Games we once loved, but now hate
So much for nostalgia – the more time passes, the more these suck

Gaming's most hated technology failures
Hardware problems, games crashing, systems on fire - we catalog gaming's biggest eff-ups

What real female gamers hate about gaming
Having a vag doesn't mean our thumbs don't work

YouTube's greatest gamer rages
Because watching other people lose the plot is funny, right?

5 reasons to hate Final Fantasy
Big swords, bigger hair and plenty of hate for the endless RPG series

5 reasons to hate Mario
Everyone's favorite plumber gets what's coming to him

5 reasons to hate Zelda
From Tingle to Water Temples, we find plenty to hate in Hyrule

5 reasons to hate Grand Theft Auto
We show you why the crime series is more Goofy than Godfather

5 reasons to hate Half-Life
Popular FPS franchise is as overrated as they come

Shit characters who almost ruined their great games
The heroes who suck so hard, they almost sunk their terrific titles

It’s Apple's turn in the barrel. Let's roast this sacred cow!

5 simple steps to being an angry gamer
From passive to savage in one easy article

Close out Week of Hate 2010 with the dictator's most notable game appearances

Mar 28, 2010

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