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Miss Zombie Queen UK 2010 launches

In celebration of the awesomely nuts-sounding Zombie Women Of Satan (being released on DVD this month), Miss Zombie Queen UK 2010 has officially launched for another year.

“Whassat?” say you? Well, imagine what would happen if America’s Next Top Model somehow turned up at the house of a certain Dr. Frank N. Furter and had to compete in a catwalk for the undead. Now you’re halfway there.

Being hosted at the Cobden Club in London on 16 June, a night of burlesque and fetish performances (ooh la la) will be taking place with shows from Betty D’Light, Violet Eyes and Hell’s Belle. Killer B-Movie will also be playing a set.

As well as that, of course, will be the main attraction – the competition to become Miss Zombie Queen UK 2010.

Zombie Women Of Satan

If you fancy applying for a chance to win, send your details and a photo of yourself (preferably while zombiefied) to and .

The closing date for entrants is 9 June. The winning stunner/shocker will pocket a cash prize, the Miss Zombie Queen UK crown/sash, a £50 voucher from Victoria of Holloway and a chance to appear in Zombie Women Of Satan 2 .

Tickets for the event are currently available over here . Zombie Women Of Satan is out on DVD on 21 June.