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Simpsons skins coming to Minecraft on Xbox

Remember the Simpsons intro segment that turned TV's favorite cartoon family into Minecraft avatars? Well, Microsoft announced today that it's officially returning the favor: The Simpsons 'content pack' is headed to Minecraft Xbox 360 and Minecraft Xbox One next month.

The packs, which add playable Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie avatars (as well as 17 more characters from the long-running series) to the game will release in late February for $1.99. The characters sport custom models, which let Homer keep his trademark potbelly and Marge her buoyant blue beehive even in their (somewhat unnerving) pixelated, polygonal forms.

Though some crossover packs like those offered for Halo and Mass Effect also come with unique interface, texture, and music elements, the Simpsons pack appears to be limited to new characters. It's not like the town of Springfield is known for its unique texture work, but keep that in mind if you were planning to build your own version of Evergreen Terrace.

It's also amusing to note that Microsoft owns Minecraft and could theoretically sell this pack (and the Star Wars one) on PS3 and PS4, too. But, as Bart would say, it's not bloody likely.

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