Luke Cage says Iron Fist has been cast and Netflix is hiding him in a basement

We've already seen full seasons of Jessica Jones and Daredevil - the latter has a second season coming in March - while Luke Cage will finally get his own series later this year. That leaves just one of Marvel and Netflix's The Defenders unaccounted for - Iron Fist. News broke last year that Scott Buck had been hired as a showrunner for the series, and according to Mike Colter, Marvel have already found their Danny Rand.

Speaking with Collider, the Luke Cage actor revealed: "The actor has been cast, but he’s in a basement somewhere. When the time is right, they’ll let him up and tell him where he is. I am [excited]. I’ll get a nice little break, after doing Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Whether I’m in [his show], I don’t know, but there’s The Defenders."

This news bodes well for Marvel's upcoming Netflix projects; If Iron Fist has already been cast, that means it's very possible that he might make a cameo in Daredevil or Luke Cage later this year. Luke Cage and Iron Fist are often paired together in the comics, so it wouldn't be too surprising if we saw the beginnings of that relationship before the big team-up series.

Starring Mike Colter, Alfre Woodard, Mahershala Ali, Simone Missick, Theo Rossi, Frank Whaley, Rosario Dawson and Sonia Braga, Luke Cage is expected to debut on Netflix later this year.

Images: Marvel

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