Midnight Club III: DUB Edition Remix

Be aware, though, that Tokyo is no place for chumps. While each city is filled with pedestrians, traffic, other racers andenough alternate routesto make MapQuest pull an all-nighter, Tokyo is special. Its streets and alleyways are almost comically narrow, and with everything drenched in glowing neon light, it can be disorienting. Then there's the river that cuts through the city, messing with the geography. You'll need knowledge of the layout and humming reflexes to avoid being known as "That crash-y guy in the back who's mowing down all the light poles."

One thing that could help you when the tires start squealing and the paint starts rubbing are the super powers that each vehicle can unlock. The fasteststreetmachinescan trigger Zone, which slows time, enabling you to maneuver expertly around corners or pile-ups. Roar enables choppers and muscle cars to stun and confuse opponents for a moment. And Agro gives trucks, SUVs, and luxury sedans the power to charge ahead, sending other vehicles flying like a bull vaulting barrels and clowns skyward.

The most impressive part of the total package is that the price has actually dropped: both PS2 and Xbox versions of the game will be $19.99, even with the 25 new soundtrack songs (bringing the total to over 100) and the new online racing modes. Clearly, Rockstar gets it. And when they've packaged it this well, is there any doubt you're going to get it as well?