Midnight Club III: DUB Edition Remix

Is there any game publisher out there who "gets it" quite as truly as Rockstar? Not only does the company constantly create stylish, genre-busting games like Grand Theft Auto III, The Warriors, and Manhunt, but then it takes care of its fans like nobody else. Case in point: this tricked-out, value-priced, hot rodof Midnight Club III: DUB Edition. It's a game which, to the enlightened, is also known as the best sub-thumping, ride-pimping, street cred-earning nighttime racer known to man.

Remix contains the entire first Midnight Club III: DUB Edition. For those poor fools who haven't yet sat in this velvet ride's custom interior and watched an adversary's headlights fade in the rear-view, that means you get a ton of game. And you won't have to rebuild your garage from scratch, either. Remix can actually read your old saved games, so all of your achievements will remain intact.

The original game featured over 50 real-world vehicles, from SUVs to import tuner cars to crotch rockets. Remix adds another two dozen, all of which look to bring something to the street party. The Ducati Paul Smart 1000 is one of the fastest, most maneuverable motorcycles engineered by man. The Gemballa F355 appears to be a custom-tuned Ferrari F355. And the Dodge Super Hemi is a sleek, yet high-powered vehicle that resembles the unholy offspring of an SUV, a station wagon, and an electric shaver.