Microsoft: "We're going to win"

Tuesday 20 February 2007
Microsoft's Shane Kim has reignited the next-gen war of words - revealing that the creator of Xbox 360 has complete faith that it will emerge as the victor of this console generation. Kim, Microsoft's coporate vice president,also insists that 360 won't be buried as swiftly as its predecessor when the dawn of a new next-gen era begins.

According to Kim, Microsoft's honchos "absolutely believe" that Xbox 360 "will win this generation," and that it "is going to have a very long tail". And he isn't talking about giving the much-rumoured black Xbox an eye-catching new design feature.

"If we could have a PS2-like tail, that would be awesome for Xbox 360. I don't think you're going to see the same abrupt move to the next-generation," Kim told gaming website 1UP in a recent interview. Any extension to 360's life will require stronger dedication on Microsoft's behalf than was given to the Xbox, though Kim stresses the swift dumping of Xbox was "a strategic decision" aimed at ensuring Microsoft dominated the next console war.