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Metal Gear Solid 4 screen blast

Who needs an excuse to gawp when you've got brand new Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots screens? Solid Snake's personal war is quite literally you versus the world, with the planet's conflicts now waged by private military companies that make money from massacres. Hit the Images tab for more shots of what is sure to be the PlayStation 3's most impressive title.

So what's the story this time around? A life-long rival of Snake's is manipulating the mass of private armies to prepare a nuclear attack on the rest of the world. Can our favorite chain-smoking, bandanna-wearing hero beat the odds and save the world before his own DNA kills him? Of course he can, and to help you complete your final mission, you'll have the benefit of new cloaking technology and Otacon's assistance as you go.

That's about all that's new, as Kojima and his team are busily working away in a secret bunker hidden from prying journalists as they aim to complete the Metal Gear saga for launch next year. But we'll have all the info as soon as it breaks, so don't go anywhere else.

August 24, 2006