Mercury dev almost confirms Wii game

Friday 23 June 2006
Mercury Meltdown developer Ignition has strongly hinted that its liquid metal puzzler will indeed be making an appearance on Nintendo Wii.

Ignition studio manager Ed Bradley told us: "Many see Wii as a perfect vehicle for Mercury Meltdown, so expect some news soon!" Nudge, nudge. Say no more.

What appeared to be an Ignition release schedule recently showed up on gaming forums and, in addition to the already announced PSP outing, Mercury Meltdown was listed for release on PS2 and Wii. Bradley's everything-but-the-confirmation comment certainly gives us every reason to believe that a Wii version is on the way.

We'll be posting a full Mercury Meltdown Q%26amp;A with Bradley later today, so check back for all the news on the sequel to one of PSP's most original games.