Meet the streamer who describes himself as "the real life Truman Show"

In the latest Totally Game, we're meeting the streamer who is always on. 

Ronald Gardiner Jr., who streams under the name ‘GPHustla’ online, claims to have the world record when it comes to live streaming, broadcasting for over 3,000 consecutive hours since August 2020, which is around 112 days. 

While Ronald focuses on streaming games, he also will stream while he showers and sleeps. He tells Totally Game: "“A lot of people wonder ‘how do you do it with people watching you sleep?’ But everything just feels amazing. I feel I’m where I belong. This is what I should be doing. I feel like I'm going to be 60, 70 years old and still streaming.”

How has he managed the Herculean task of livestreaming for this amount of time? Ronald regularly switches between streaming from his PC and mobile phone, taking his viewers with him wherever he goes. 

This current run of streaming started when the Rhode Island-native discussed with his fans whether he should try to stream for 24 hours straight. He explains: "“I happened to miss a Friday in August and I didn’t like that so I said to my chat ‘do you dare me to do a 24 hour challenge’?

“We ended up making it 36 hours into the stream and at that point I was really tired so I said ‘if I’m going to keep going I need to sleep on-stream’. Now I’m the world record holder and we’re shooting for 1,000 days of consecutive live streaming.”

As well as lodging an application with Guinness World Records to officially recognise his stream as a world record, Ronald also credits streaming with helping his mental health. Having been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in his mid-20s, both medication and streaming have helped the committed broadcaster.

Ronald said: "As far as the anxiety disorder goes, that stripped away a lot of things that I enjoyed in life. But streaming has given that all back to me. I would definitely say streaming has changed my life for the better. I love every day that I do this. This seriously is what drives me every day and gives me so much energy. I could stream to no viewers.” 

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