Meet the newest DC superteam the United Order in Justice League #64 preview

Justice League #64
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DC is moving into the future in more ways than one. In addition to lots of threads from the 'Future State' event from earlier in 2021 bearing fruit in several current DC titles recently, over in Justice League, the universe has moved towards DC's longtime vision of the future - the 30th and then 31st century's Legion of Super-Heroes - with the formation of the United Planets. This new intergalactic organization is a precursor to the United Planets the Legion served as protectors of in the future.

(Image credit: DC)

As seen in these preview pages, the new United Planets has its own superhero honor guard, the United Order, whose members all come from familiar DC cosmic locations.

The leader is Prince Zerep, from Tamaran, homeworld of long-time Teen Titan Starfire. The most familiar look is Hawkslayer, who is of course from Thanagar, one of the most famous alien planets in the DCU. Bloodstar is Gordanian, a society of fierce fighters whose dedicated to the study of warfare who first appeared in New Teen Titans #1.

Dominator QQ is a Dominator, a technologically advanced race with a rigidly hierarchical society who first appeared in 1967's Adventure Comics #361. And Divineq is Daxamite, with the Legion's M'Onel perhaps being its most famous representative. The team also seems to include two other, unidentified members.

"Introducing…the United!" reads DC's original description of the issue and cover, despite the fact they refer to themselves as the United Order in the preview. "This all-new all-star group of alien warriors represents all voices in the newly formed United Planets. A galactic Justice League, if you will. The first Legion of Super-Heroes? Sort of. The United comes to the new Justice League for help because the biggest threat to the universe is on the loose, and all roads lead to…Superman."

The intergalactic United Order is one of several new or expanded superteams in the suddenly very macro-oriented new DCU. The Totality is an all-star team of Earth-based heroes and villains charged with watching over the new DC Omniverse and Barry Allen just joined Justice Incarnate, the sort of all-star multiversal Justice League with heroes from different realities (although his first mission isn't going very well). 

Justice League #64 is by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Steve Pugh and goes on sale July 6. The covers seen above and below are by David Marquez and Jason Howard.

Check out the preview pages and Howard's variant cover here:

DC also included a few preview pages from Justice League #64's Justice League Dark backup story by Ram V and Sumit Kumar, guest-starring Batman. 

"While the Justice League Dark regroups after hitting the books (literally), all eyes turn toward Gotham, where Merlin's followers gather to protect a mysterious weapon. Now it'll take not one knight but two to infiltrate the cult and save reality. Batman guest-stars as the Eternal Knight's new squire in this action-packed tale!" reads DC's description. 

Check out those pages here:

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