Mass Effect the Board Game brings back Shepard and the Normandy crew

Promotional image for the upcoming Mass Effect board game, featuring female Shephard, Garrus, Tali and Laria
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With 7 years passed since the last game was released, us Mass Effect fans have spent many an N7 day holding out for another opportunity to return to its sci-fi world. That time has finally come, but maybe not in the format you'd expect.

That's right, there's a Mass Effect board game in the works. What's even better is it's coming from Modiphius, a studio with a history of creating some of the best board games that also happen to be adaptations of beloved action RPGs. Taking a look at Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms or their work on the Fallout franchise should give you a good idea of what quality we can expect.

Mass Effect the Board Game - Priority: Hagalaz will be a story-focused cooperative experience for 1-4 players. It's designed by Eric M. Lang and Calvin Wong Tze Loon and will be set "during the events of Mass Effect 3."

Modiphius has already given some insight into the game's story: "It is the year 2186, and the Reapers have invaded the galaxy. Because the Council ignored Commander Shepard’s warnings, the Citadel Races are overwhelmed and on the verge of losing the war. Aboard the Normandy, Shepard carries out missions to prepare the Crucible, an ancient alien superweapon, for a last-chance attempt to defeat the Reapers."

Like the original games, you'll have the freedom to shape your crew's story each time you play: "Card-driven AI and evolving stories respond to your actions – your early choices influence later missions." Hopefully, this'll make for some fun Paragon/Renegade roleplaying.


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Thie board game will also spell the return of all your favorite crewmates in form of pre-constructed 32mm plastic miniatures. These will include male and female Shepard, Garrus, Liara, Wrex, and Tali. Okay, Jack fans, maybe not all your favorite crewmates are returning. Regardless, all the primary gang will make an appearance.

 What's more, you'll be able to complete loyalty missions to upgrade your crew's loadout and abilities, making them better equipped to take down the Reaper threat. If you're holding out for companions like Miranda or Thane to be added, it might not be totally off the table. The title format Mass Effect the Board Game - Priority: Hagalaz might be a clue we're in for further expansions with different mission priorities.

We'll have to wait and see. Either way, you can expect to get your hands on Mass Effect the Board Game - Priority: Hagalaz when it's released via Asmodee later in 2024.

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