Mass Effect is "Jack Bauer in space"

In news that has raised our rabid excitement level for the game even higher, BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka has likened upcoming RPG stunner Mass Effect to 24, referring to it as "Jack Bauer in Space."

Before we go off on one fantasizing about all the kinds of explosive adventures Bauer could get up to in orbit, we'll clarify that BioWare's next RPG isn't adopting a real-time structure with RoboCop and cougars as baddies, but in fact shares another similarity with the godlike TV show, according to Muzyka.

Above: These three are discussing how many hours are in a space-day

"You have complex moral choices to make," he says. "You're out to save the galaxy. You're going to have to do things that don't seem like they're good to do that."

Ooh, we can't wait for the bit when Commander Shepard is forced to shoo... hold on, surely everyone's seen Season 3 by now?

Mass Effect will be out sometime this year. Probably May-ish.

February 21, 2007