Mary Marvel steps in to help as the Amazons Attack

Art from Amazons Attack #1
(Image credit: DC Comics)

Things are not going well for the Amazons at the moment. If you've been following Tom King and Daniel Sampere's terrific new Wonder Woman series then you'll know that, following a brutal massacre in West Billings committed by a mysterious woman named Emelie, America has turned on the people of Themyscira.

In Amazons Attack #1, which published this week, the situation goes from bad to worse. You can find out how after this...

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Art from Amazons Attack #1

(Image credit: DC Comics)

In the first issue of this new limited series by writer Josie Campbell, artist Vasco Georgiev, and colorist Alex Guimarães, a wave of supposed "Amazon-inspired terrorism" is taking place around the country. It quickly becomes clear that this is a set up, designed to implicate the Amazons. 

An attack on the President looks particularly bad for Queen Nubia, but luckily help is on hand from an unexpected ally: Mary Marvel (plus her talking rabbit, Hoppy). 

Mary has been keeping an eye on the situation and literally swoops in to save the Amazons as they tumble from a skyscraper. In helping the Amazons escape, however, she puts herself in the firing line and is declared an enemy of the state. The issue ends with Queen Nubia and Mary on Interpol's most wanted list.

Mary Marvel swoops in

(Image credit: DC Comics)

This is not the first time that Mary has crossed paths with the Amazons. In the Lazarus Planet: Revenge of the Gods limited series she helped Wonder Woman battle Hera and was granted the powers of SHAZAM - though from a different pantheon of gods than Billy Batson. Mary is now blessed with the agility of Selena, the strength of Hippolyta, the stamina of Artemis, the flight of Zephyrus, the invulnerability of Aurora, and the wisdom of Minerva.

While the recent New Champion of SHAZAM! series (also written by Josie Campbell) concentrated on Mary herself, Amazons Attack fully ties her fate to that of the beleaguered Amazons - for better and worse.

Amazons Attack #1 is out now from DC Comics.

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