Marvel's Runaways first trailer teases "some Narnia s$#t" for teen heroes

We finally have our first official look at Marvel Runaways, a Hulu-exclusive show about a group of teenagers and their dinosaur friend. Hulu revealed the first footage at its Upfront 2017 event, where this off-screen footage was initially recorded by pop culture reporter Jack Rico.

We only see brief glances at the Runaways' parents in the trailer - all of whom are members of the Pride, a powerful supervillain group - but we know Torchwood and Buffy actor James Marsters plays one of them. Marsters seemed impressed by the kids' quality of acting when we asked him about the show, saying he couldn't "spot a weak link" anywhere.

According to Deadline, Marvel's Runaways will premiere on Hulu in 2018. Until then you can see whether you agree with our list of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, and enjoy the 30 best Marvel Easter eggs.

Connor Sheridan

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