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Marvel’s Avengers: Choose your hero - Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan was one of many in the crowd watching on the day the Avengers were attacked. She’d always idolised Super Heroes, especially Captain Marvel, and believed they were a force for good in a world that would always need them. However, she hadn’t expected the world to need her too.

Despite the Avengers’ best efforts, their Helicarrier’s power source – a powerful Terrigen crystal – was destroyed that day, releasing a substance that would change Kamala’s life forever. From that point onwards, she’d unlocked the power to shapeshift and even heal herself of injury.

At first, she kept these abilities a secret from the world, as the Avengers were quickly blamed for the events of A-Day and superheroes outlawed by governments around the world. However, not willing to give up on the truth, Kamala investigated those who’d benefited the most from the disaster: the increasingly powerful corporation, AIM.

It’s up to Kamala, soon to be known as Ms. Marvel, to uncover the conspiracy at the heart of this story and then help reunite the Avengers herself. Sometimes she still needs to pinch herself to check she’s not dreaming.

A bright Pakistani American, Ms. Marvel makes a fine addition to the team, bringing enough optimism to melt even the most cynical heart (or Arc Reactor, in Tony’s case). She’s also an extremely powerful combatant, despite still getting to grips with her newfound abilities.

In combat, she relies on her Polymorph ability to stretch and bend her body at will, making her both more difficult to hit and more powerful when she inevitably strikes back. With her huge reach, she’s able to attack enemies from a distance and lock them in place with deadly combos.

If she does take damage, she won’t need to retreat right away to find health pickups, relying on her unique ability Healing Spirit instead. All in all, she makes for a very resilient opponent and it’s not surprising to see her still standing, even when other Avengers have been downed during a fight.

Ms. Marvel also has some tricks under her impressively long sleeves when it comes to ranged attacks. Not only can she take a powerful swing at enemies from afar, with a few upgrades she’s also able to grab hold of them and slam them into the ground. This is a great way to immobilise more difficult enemies, while your squadmates concentrate on clearing out the rest.

If you’re a fan of dishing out heavy hits and playing a character that loves the Avengers as much as you do, Kamala Khan is a fantastic pick.

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