Mario Party DS

Oct 25, 2007

Don't even talk to us about Mario Party DS's newly-revealed plot. Mario and crew get a party invite from Bowser crony Magikoopa - and accept? Just imagine their surprise when they end up cursed to wander the Mushroom Kingdom in shrinky-dinky form. Idiots.

So, new this month is the knowledge that there are (just) four themed boards on the way to the gang confronting their dino tormentor in the final Bowser's Castle world. The first area is Wiggler's Garden, and features minigames like Handrail Jump - more like a slide down a banister from what we've seen - and spinny touch screen race Dizzy Buggies. But the fact that the Fuu Fuu Candle minigame involves blowing out candles with the bloody DS mic doesn't fill us with confidence for MPDS's sense of innovation. Download Play might be the only thing truly distinguishing it from its brethren. But with four DS owners knees-upping from just one cart, who's complaining?

No shots yet from other boards: one's looking like a beach - sand-blowing minigames, anyone? Check back for a review very soon.