Mario Kart Tour release date celebrated with two new gameplay trailers

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Mario Kart Tour, the fourth new mobile game from Nintendo after Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Dr Mario World, has finally been given a firm release date for Android and iOS, having spent significant time in development and beta testing since its official reveal last year. 

The mobile racing game will release on all compatible platforms on September 25, in just under a month's time, and will be completely free, so long as you have a Nintendo Account that you can cross-link your phone to. 

To accompany the news, Nintendo released two new Mario Kart Tour trailer, the first of which gives us our best look yet at gameplay for the upcoming mobile title, which you can now pre-register for via the App Store and Google Play Store.  Check it out below. 

As you can see, Mario Kart Tour is essentially Mario Kart as you know and love it, albeit visually scaled down to run on mobile devices, though the game still looks wonderfully bright and dazzling in motion. 

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Players will be able to choose from Mario Kart's classic roster of characters and karts, with extensive customisation options for the latter to pimp your perfect ride. Alongside a number of familiar tracks, Mario Kart Tour also features new City Courses, inspired by real world locations such as Tokyo and Paris, which play host to special in-game events that will take place throughout the game's lifespan. 

You can find out more about Mario Kart Tour from the game's website here, but be sure to stay tuned to GamesRadar+ in anticipation of its release next month. Nintendo has said nothing on how Tour's inevitable micro-transactions will work, but I'm sure we're going to learn more about them soon, one way or another... 

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