Make your house look like it's in The Last of Us with Urban Jungle

Ever wondered what your house, school or office would look like in a post apocalyptic setting like the The Last of Us? Now's your chance to find out with this Google Map spoofing website. 

Urban Jungle works a lot like Google Maps, but adds an extra layer of vegetation to everything, making it all look like a Clicker's about to burst out of somewhere. Here's Pittsburgh's Fort Duquesne bridge as it appears in The Last Of Us game:

And here's how the real bridge appears through Urban Jungle:

Not bad, really. Apparently the website uses the depth data collected in Street View to visualise the geometry of the buildings and cover everything with plants and vines. No zombies or clickers yet; might need a different website for that. I'll start looking.  

The effect is pretty convincing: 

So pop your address in now and start working out how you'd survive when the plants take over. Or just look into what we know about The Last of Us 2, which might be safer. 

Leon Hurley
Senior Guides Co-ordinator

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