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Maelstrom review

More apocalyptic clichés than you can handle


  • Hai-genti aliens
  • Skirmish mode is great
  • Not too formulaic


  • Filled with clichéd missions
  • Too timid
  • AI cheats often in Skirmish mode

Life after the apocalypse is going to be tough, but we think we%26rsquo;ll cope with the help of our survival kit. Buried in an old biscuit tin at the bottom of a garden we%26rsquo;ve got a pair of studded shoulder pads, an eye patch, a mohawk wig, a battered leather jacket and a rust-streaked Hummer. How did we manage to fit so many post-apocalyptic clich%26eacute;s into such a small container? Let%26rsquo;s just say we got a few tips from KDV Games.

More Info

DescriptionRussia's answer to Introversion has gone from the exciting, dangerous Perimeter to the dull and crowded center.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date20 February 2007 (US), 30 September 2006 (UK)