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Madden 08 review

The biggest game of the year struggles to find its footing


  • Unparalleled football depth
  • Hit Stick devastation
  • Relocating the Cowboys


  • Choppy visuals
  • Frustrating online controls
  • Not playing 360 version

Aug 17, 2007

Despite our contempt for fake, commercialized "events," we can't help ourselves but look forward to Madden's release each summer. While we don't get caught up in the "Maddenoliday" hype, the release day remains circled on the calendar. Unfortunately for those of us with a PS3, this year's version leaves us trampled underfoot after three yards and a cloud of dust. We expected more than we got, and we're a little bummed out.

It starts with the on-field action, which should be tighter than LaDainian Tomlinson's cleats on a clear San Diego afternoon. Unfortunately, the gameplay feels a tad askew, as a less-than-stellar framerate causes an uneven jumpiness that we just can't get used to. Even more problematic is a distinct control button lag when playing online, causing field goals to sail helplessly wide, snaps to be delayed, and blood pressure to skyrocket to unhealthy levels.

More Info

DescriptionThis season's title is as familiar as an old baseball glove (wrong sport, right analogy).
PlatformPS2, DS, PSP, Wii, Xbox, PS3, Xbox 360
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date14 August 2007 (US), 14 August 2007 (UK)