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LOTR: War in the North begins its journey to Mt. Doom

Good news for Tolkein fans, there's a new LOTR game on the horizon, and Playstation: The Official Magazine has the first look. Snowblind Studio’s latest game, LOTR: War in the North, is an action RPG with online co-op play for three people who: “form their own Fellowship to fight Sauron’s forces in the North” While “forming a fellowship” may sound a little light in the loafers, smashing Orcs with a warhammer and some pals certainly doesn’t.

Above: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"-up this great issue of PTOM!

They’re also stressing that War in the North will be a more mature, involved take on the franchise,which meansthe dwarf tossing jokes will probably be kept to a minimum. Make sure to check out PTOM’s May issue for the exclusive first in-depth look at the game.

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