Lost Planet - 16 player showdown

Once the 16-for-all matches were wrapped up, it was time for some Red-against-Blue team action. The basic premise remained the same (take out the other guys while keeping your energy gauge and radar towers in check), but now you have some serious backup. So, there we are as "LP Frank" (of Dead Rising fame), running with the red team into the fray, when we stumble across a nest of unmanned Vital Suits. Plenty to go around guys, let's hop in. Except some jerkwad ("LP Ken", from something called Street Fighter) felt it was necessary to shoot us in the back repeatedly and steal the Suit. Nice teamwork, ass.

The best part of being betrayed, however, is that the turncoat's actions are broadcasted to everyone playing. A huge "LP Ken has betrayed LP Frank" flashes across the screen, so honorable teammates can step in and dispense some cold, icy justice.

Another great moment in this "what's a team?" style of play was "LP Dante." Early on in a match we found a Vital Suit buried deep in the snow. By jamming on the B button, our furiously powerful arms began digging through the mound to unearth the Suit - right before it's done, teammate Dante walks right up to the suit and takes it. We're all for the team winning the day, but you reap what you sow, fellas. You didn't dig it up, so hands off.

Team matches focus more on overall energy points, so it's just as important to secure radar posts as it is to blastify the other team. One match was an all-rockets-all-the-time firefest that couldn't have been more intense unless our seats were literally caked with flames. You know that scene from The Matrix Revolutions where the two girls are hoofing from spot to spot, firing two missiles at the swarm of sentinels then high tailing it to some other vantage point? That's what this match was like. Freakin' nuts.

Brett Elston

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