Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked

Good grief – yet another boatful of idiots dumped on a desert island for us to babysit. Only this time they’ll be refusing to drink water only two feet away from them, getting eaten by monkeys and puking last night’s dinner of bark with bark garnish in full Wii 3D. Can’t wait. Well, we say full 3D, but judging from recent shots this is being a bit generous. Lost in Blue’s never been one for visual might – if you’ve got time to take your eyes off your sim-dolt to eye the greenery you’re clearly not playing it right – but this is the kind of blurriness we expect when our screen-grabbing machine is on the fritz, not from the developers themselves.

So, we’re on another mysterious island. Forests. Ruins. Probably a scientific facility or two. An active volcano – we can’t wait to try stopping our guys from putting their hands in that bad boy. Konami claims to have made life easier and the island more interesting to craft more of an exploration sim over die-hard survival. And expect remote work to replicate the fine stylus work of the DS originals. Fishing is obvious, but twizzling the remote to start a fire? More like it. Carpentry tasks should be good, too. Some spear-throwing here, a smidgen of digging a grave there and we’re in business. In a final twist they’ve added a pet for the dumb meatbags. Fido, Spot – whatever they call it, we know who we’re eating first.

Jul 21, 2008