Lord Of The Rings star Bernard Hill and chums to gather at Waterstones...

If you live in the London area and love all things Hobbit-shaped, you should get yourself along to the Piccadilly Waterstones on 17 April.

To celebrate the launch of JRR Tolkien’s new book The Children Of Hurin (no, he hasn’t risen from the dead like Aragorn’s mates, Hurin was put together from original JRR drafts and notes by his son Christopher), Waterstones has gathered together a bunch of LOTR heroes for your entertainment.

Oscar winning illustrator Alan Lee will be there, as will King Théoden himself, Bernard Hill. Oh, and a bunch of Orcs from the LOTR stage-show will be smashing the Sméagols out of each other, just to put a smile on your gob.

If you want to know more about The Children Of Hurin, check the website here or simply go along to the event on Tuesday.