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Looney Tunes: Cartoon Conductor review

A decent Elite Beat Agents clone with a lacking musical selection


  • Decent Elite Beat Agents clone
  • Challenging difficulty for a kids' game
  • Some classical tunes are enjoyable


  • Horrible audio for a music game
  • Song selection is lacking
  • Blocky
  • repetitive graphics

Guitar Hero-style note-hitting breaks up the Elite Beat-style circle-tapping, and a reasonable difficulty level should keep the kids trying to improve their ratings for a while. We say ‘the kids’, because few people over seven will enjoy the repeated blocky cartoon sequences on the top screen. And the ‘orchestra’ sounds like a wasp in a jam jar. Oh, and the unlockable remixes are awful. But it's not without its charms even if it’s hardly a virtuoso performance.

Jun 11, 2008

More Info

GenreOther Games/Compilations
DescriptionYes, this is an unashamed Elite Beat Agents clone. But it really isn't too bad.
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor rating3+
Release date10 June 2008 (US), 13 June 2008 (UK)