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The King of Fighters XIII review

A veteran franchise improves itself but still caters exclusively to the hardcore


  • Difficult but rewarding gameplay
  • Silky smooth animation
  • Interesting character options


  • Little variation between game modes
  • Mindless
  • rambling dialogue
  • Extremely unfriendly to beginners

For a lot of us, SNK’s fighting games were usually followed up with a slice of pizza and a romp in the ball pit, mostly because our cheap-o parents weren’t interested in spending thousands on a Neo Geo and games. Jerks. While the SNK of old has dissolved, their fighting games have carried on, getting a little better with every incarnation. Their latest King of Fighters won’t set the gaming world on fire, but if you’re looking for a vintage taste of the old-school, look no further.

More Info

Franchise nameKing of Fighters
UK franchise nameKing of Fighters
PlatformXbox 360, PS3