Kevin Butler's PlayStation Move website makes our eyes go lol by comparing Kinect to a pineapple

Kevin Butler, Sony's 'definitely not fake' VP of whatever he hell he wants has cocked his lolZ cannon once more, and set its sights on Kinect and Wii with ahumdinger of a website.Not only does it not so gently poke fun at PlayStation Move's rivals, it also rates hoop with a stick as its most serious rival. Well, they have been keeping impoverished younglings with active imaginations entertained for hundreds of years, after all.

We suggest visiting this rather amusingflow chart, which outlines a pineapple as a serious sales competitor for Move.

Above: Hmmm,why do we get the impression this isn't completely impartial?

Above: Can't really complain with this logic

While you're on the site, we suggest paying theSensitive Firemana visit. Aside from some great cheekbones and sympathetic peepers we could get lost in for hours, he also provides Move purchasing advice via a survey and customisable video. Which we definitely didn't abuse by creating a horrendously Scottish, fictitious creation.

Above: They can take our lives, but they'll never take OUR COPY OF TIME CRISIS: RASING STORM!

Above: The video changes depending on what options you
choose, thus why we're having a giraffe whittled

And, saving the best for last, you should give the Yay for Buttons part of the site a look. And we concur with the below. Having buttons on your motion control device is definitely more important than saving a certain species of underwater mammal.

Aug 8, 2010

David Meikleham
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