Ken Levine: The GamesRadar Interview

GR: We have only seen a handful of enemies - the flying robots, the big guys in the diving helmets who protect the creepy little girls, the crazy lady on the ceiling. Do each of those enemies have final names yet? And can you reveal more adversaries?

KL: The Crazy Lady on the ceiling was one of the ceiling crawlers, the big guy was a Big Daddy, and we haven't released the name for the flying guys yet. Can we reveal more adversaries? All in due time, my friend, all in due time...

GR: We know that survivors in Rapture seek out something called Adam, and they find this in corpses. What's the difference between Adam and good ol' fashioned blood? Is it the only energy source in the game?

KL: Adam has nothing to do with blood. It's really genetic material that converts existing cells into stem short, it's genetic 0s and 1s, ready to be turned into anything - bigger muscles, bigger brain, even super powers.

GR: Rapture is a peaceful underwater utopia surrounded by glass. Where do the guns come from?

KL: Who said it's peaceful? Rapture was never a hippie love fest. Even before it goes wrong, Rapture is a libertarian, capitalistic free-for-all. It's a world with no government restraints on sex, money and power.

GR: Will the player ever get to go outside of Rapture, into the ocean depths?

KL: That's not in our plans right now.