Kathryn Bigelow wins DGA Award

As awards season continues apace, Kathryn Bigelow has become the first female director to win the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Director of a Feature Film.

Yep, it’s for The Hurt Locker , and yep, she finally brought down Jim Cameron’s Avatar after losing out to the blockbuster at the Golden Globes.

Which should make things very interesting at the Oscars this year. Why? Because, according to Mr Roger Ebert, only six times in 60 years has the DGA winner not won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

And on an overwhelming 58 occasions out of the last 60, the DGA winner also won the golden baldie for Best Director.

Like we said, this could be very interesting. Until now, Bigelow and Hurt Locker have been all but ignored by the big awards bodies. Could Oscar put paid to that?

In other news, Louie Psihoyos received the award for Outstanding Direction of a Feature Documentary for The Cove . The film is a shocking expose of the maltreatment of dolphins in Japan.

Who are you putting your money on this year?

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