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Justice League Heroes review

The world's most iconic Heroes serve up punches-a-plenty


  • The massive line-up of superheros
  • Well produced cinemas
  • The customization in the upgrades


  • Long load times
  • Fighting armies of the same enemy
  • Nerfed heros

When it comes to superhero games, characters in the DC universe get the crappy end of the stick. Solo efforts from both Batman and Superman have generally failed to live up to the potential of their respective franchises. So color us surprised when the ensemble, Justice League Heroes, turned out to be a damn decent little brawler

The L button offers powers beyond the limited combos divvied out by bashing buttons. Supes has his heat vision, Wonder Woman's got her lasso, and the Green Lantern's got his... green stuff. The more badies you defeat, the more experience you gain to be put towards gathering and strengthening each characters' abilities. The "boost" system allows for great customization, letting you build stats for each and every hero to your particular liking.

More Info

DescriptionThis beat 'em-up title is sterling example of why most superhero games suck.
PlatformDS, Xbox, PS2, PSP
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date17 October 2006 (US), 17 October 2006 (UK)