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Jurassic World director responds to Joss Whedon

Back in April, Joss Whedon was publically critical of the first Jurassic World clip that appeared online, slamming the encounter between a buttoned-down Bryce Dallas Howard and a laid-back Chris Pratt as “70s era sexist”. Director Colin Trevorrow has since been questioned about Whedon’s reaction, and surprisingly, he says he didn’t necessarily disagree…

“I wasn’t bothered by what he said about the movie,” said Trevorrow to Bad Taste (opens in new tab), “and, to be honest, I don’t totally disagree with him.” The director then went on to explain his confusion at why the studio would choose to release a scene that could so easily look bad when taken in isolation.

“I wonder why they chose a clip like that, that shows an isolated situation within a movie that has an internal logic,” questioned Trevorrow. “That starts with characters that are almost archetypes, stereotypes that are deconstructed as the story progresses.”

“The real protagonist of the movie is Claire and we embrace her femininity in the story’s progression. There’s no need for a female character that does things like a male character, that’s not what makes interesting female characters in my view. Bryce and I have talked a lot about these concepts and aspects of her character.”

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