Jon Voight joins Transformers

A few weeks ago, a casting sheet emerged from the depths of Hollywood that listed several roles planned for the Transformers film that Michael Bay is currently hard at work on. Rumours of who would play the roles began in earnest, with the only real confirmation coming about I, Robot’s Shia LaBeouf and the superbly named Travis Van Winkle.

Now we have word that Jon Voight has also signed on board, playing the US Secretary of State. He’ll need to brush up on his green screen skills – acting against giant CG robots that will be put in later is going to require all of his imagination.

Also pretending to be terrified of the likes of Megatron and his evil Decepticons as they battle the heroic Autobots for control of Earth will be Megan Fox, last seen in Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen. She’s playing Mikaela, the love-interest for LaBeouf.

Rounding out the cast – though still only rumoured at this point – is likely to be John Turturro, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton star Josh Duhamel, Bernie Mac and John Robinson.

The mechanical action madness kicks off shooting later this month and the robots will be in disguise – and in cinemas – July 2007.