Johnny Depp joining I Am Legend?

File this one strictly in the rumours bucket until some official confirmation arrives, but there’s word from Blackfilm that Johnny Depp might be taking on a role in Will Smith’s I Am Legend.

Adapted from Richard Matheson’s book by Akiva Goldsman and Mark Protosevich, Legend tells of Robert Neville (Smith), seemingly the last man left uninfected on an Earth devastated by a pandemic that causes humans to turn into Vampire-like creatures. By day, Neville hunts the sleeping creatures and kills them, while by night they gather round his house, trying to get him to join their ranks.

If he is signed, chances are Depp will play Ben Cortman, Neville’s neighbour and the first to be infected, who ends up as the ringleader of his tormentors.

Source: ( Blackfilm )