Johnny Cash DLC hits Rock Band 3

Hey Johnny Cash fans! You don't need to Cry, Cry, Cry anymore, because now you'll be able to Walk the Line and Take Your Guns to Town as you're Five Feet High and Rising, singing Folsom Prison Blues along with your fellow bandmates in Rock Band 3.

Yeah, we're already opening the voting for the corniest opening news story paragraph of 2011.

But seriously though, the legendary music of the late great Johnny Cash is finally available for Rock Band 3. The DLC is dropping today, allowing players to bring out their inner country star with the following songs:

* Cry, Cry, Cry
* Don%26rsquo;t Take Your Guns to Town
* Five Feet High and Rising
* Folsom Prison Blues
* I Got Stripes
* I Walk the Line
* Tennessee Flat Top Box
* The Ballad of Ira Hayes

As it has done so well over its many successful years, Rock Band is expanding its traditional rock music moniker and exposing younger players to one of the country's most profound musicians. Younger players, that is, who might never have otherwise heard Johnny Cash's classic tunes.

And for those who are familiar with them, it's the opportunity to see just how well you can belt out those songs or follow Johnny's mastery of the guitar. In other words, it's pretty cool.

Jan 4, 2011