Jessica Alba set for Spy Kids 4

After getting his hands dirty with the gore-soaked double-header of Predators and Machete , Robert Rodriguez is planning a less grisly choice for his next project by dusting off his Spy Kids series for a fourth instalment.

However, the franchise is set to head in a new direction, with the not-so-kiddie stars of the original series, Alex Vega and Daryl Sabara, no longer hogging the spotlight. Instead, Jessica Alba is in talks to take on the main role, with the Machete star set to play a retired spy who is reactivated after settling down to start a family.

Her pre-teen stepchildren will be the Spy Kids in question, whilst the villain of the piece will be a shady character known only as the Time Keeper. His goal, naturally, is to stop time. Yikes!

Newly titled Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World , the film will be in 3D (obviously) and is aiming to begin shooting in Austin as soon as next month, all for the moderately small cost of around $30 million. Vega and Sabara are expected to return for a cameo appearance, as is fellow star Antonio Banderas.

We’re struggling to get our heads around the idea of the ultra-sexy Alba playing a happily married housewife, although given that she’ll be bursting out of our screens in glorious, glittering 3D, we suppose we shouldn’t complain…

George Wales

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