Jeff Bridges talks possibility of The Big Lebowski 2

jeff bridges

Having just bagged himself a second Oscar nomination in so many years thanks to his re-team with the Coen Brothers on True Grit , Jeff Bridges has spoken out about the possibility of a sequel to his first job with the siblings.

In The Big Lebowski , Bridges played The Dude, the role he’s most famous for and a cult figure in its own right.

When asked by the Metro newspaper if he’d be up for a sequel, he answered: “Oh, absolutely. But I wouldn’t count on that.

“It doesn’t seem like something the Coen brothers would be interested in, but then again they’re always about surprising us, so who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us again.”

So he'd do a sequel? "Oh yeah, I'd do it again," he confirms.

Asked what he thinks The Dude is up to at the moment, Bridges chuckled: “Maybe he’s getting it on with Maude, having another kid.”

Can Bridges beat Colin Firth to the golden baldie again this year? Find out on 27 February.

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